HCAT welcomes volunteers for active participation on its chapter committees, including the Programs Committee, the Sponsorship Committee, the Communications Committee, and the Membership Committee, HCAT appreciates your time, ideas, and valuable contributions! Please see the committee descriptions below. If you are interested in volunteering and participating on any of these committees, please contact the Chair of each committee directly via email.

  • Programs Committee: The programs committee plans and implements chapter programs and events for education and professional development. It develops networking opportunities for chapter members and the local healthcare community, and ensures compliance with ACHE guidelines for program credits. — Programs Committee Contacts: Callie Heyne at
  • Sponsorship Committee: The sponsorship committee seeks sponsors for program events and identifies potential sponsors who are interested in collaborating in chapter activities. This committee also plans, develops, and tracks sponsorship activities. Sponsorship Committee Contacts: Monica Gonzalez at
  • Communications Committee: The communications committee develops communications to inform chapter members, local healthcare organizations, and the community about chapter events and activities. It publishes chapter communications, including the chapter newsletter, and regular chapter website updates.  Communications Committee Contacts: Austin Hale at
  • Membership Committee: The membership committee actively seeks new members for ACHE and the chapter. It also provides assistance to current chapter members who seek mentorship. The membership committee identifies local organizations which may wish to encourage ACHE and HCAT membership and active involvement with the chapter. Membership Committee Contacts: Keith Buckley at
  • Advancement Committee: The advancement committee identifies chapter members who wish to pursue opportunities for advancement to ACHE Fellow status as well as assisting these members with mentorship, resources, and opportunities which may support their advancement. –Advancement Committee Contacts: Judy Cole at